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Learning Portraiture through Creating Self-Portraits.

Mondays 12 -1 

October 12th, Octobet 19th , October 26th and November 2


**you may prorate missed classes after I have 8 enrolled- Please let me know if you wish to do so.


The cost plan is as follows:

If you would like to take the 4 week class it is a flat cost $60

If you want an email critique plus a one on one zoom  15 minute discussion per week of your work, then it is $100.

 Please CHOOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OPTION, otherwise I incur fees on your payment**

I will send out the zoom link to the class One week before the class starts. I will resend the link the day before the class starts a second time.


Payment info:


Pay Gabriela Dellosso using PayPal.Me
Go to:

and type in the amount.

For Venmo:
here is my payment iD:
my email for venmo is:




I will open with an overview of my approach of drawing and painting the portrait.  I will discuss my experience doing self-portraits and why I think self-portraits are important. I will show examples of my self-portrait narratives like "The Burning of Adelaide Labille Guiard's Masterpiece"


I will discuss the importance of simple one sided lighting.  I will focus on the nose and do a nose demo for the class.


Homework assignment: Create a self portrait that is lit from the side, no bigger than 3 x 3 inches.

I will show examples of miniature self-portraits.



If anyone has self-portraits from week one assignment,  "3 x 3 self-portrait , lit from the side"- to show we will discuss those. 


 I will focus on how to place the nose successfully on the face.  I will discuss the plane changes around the nose to transition into the cheek.  I will use examples of this using master paintings.



We will do a 15 minute drawing of your own nose in the mirror.  

Then if you choose, I will critique your nose exercise and any self-portraits during the class.  Everyone can learn from each other’s work.  



 WEEK 3: 

I will discuss the eye / eye socket and brow relationship this week.  I would like to focus on how to create the illusion of a detailed eye.  


You wil draw one of your eyes, focusung on the understructure for 15 minutes. 

Then we discuss the exercise afterwards. 

Homework assignment: To create eye drawings from different angles, that are not focused on detail, that clearly show the shape of the eyeball.



We will discuss the neck and how to subdue it to the face/portrait. As well as the ear /cheekbone relationship.

I will focus on discussing  the technique of Pastel medium this week



We will have a discussion showing the correct approach to drawing painting the neck and the ear/cheekbone  relationship,  using old master paintings.   

I will close with answering questions and critiquing anyone’s self-portrait started at home.  

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