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"A Brush with HerStory: Paintings by Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso"

I was thinking that an accompanying blog for my exhibition "A Brush with HerStory", would be a great way to share the stories and information about the historical women artists, who are the subjects of this exhibition.

Exhibition photo from The Heckscher Museum, Huntington, NY

Did you know?

That women were not allowed to attend art schools until the 1880's? Women throughout history were discouraged from becoming artists, because it was not seen as an appropriate profession for a female. If a woman decided to challenge societal convention, she would typically learn to paint from her father or close relative. It is the story of these remarkable women who perservered and had ironclad dertermination to succeed, that I find so inspirational. They deserve to be known and understood because they were an important part of art history.

I started doing homage paintings to historical women artists, because I was inspired by the story of one particular artist, Adelaide Labille Guard (French 1749-1803). I discovered her in 2007 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was shocked that I had never heard of her. I fell in love with her painting hanging at the Met, "Self-Portrait with Two Pupils. I later learned more about her, and was even more impressed with her life story. See video below to learn more.

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